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Configtool Data Cable for STD32 / STD35 (from Version V5)

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Software license for the configuration of the Telic / CEP STD32 / STD35 (configTool). This "tool" is to make the configuration of a user-friendly interface with a PC and a standard USB cable allows. All functions can be monitored and configured Once the STD32 / STD35 is connected to the PC. The tool to configure the STD32 / STD35 without sending an SMS allowed. 
The main functions are as follows: 
  • Clearly structured user interface allows intuitive operation 
  • All new features of the Telic / CEP telematics products are supported 
  • Sending profiles to the device 
  • Saving changes in profiles 
  • Preview Configuration Commands 
  • Import and Export 
  • Automatic recognition that the Telic / CEP was connected devices
  • Language: German, English and Polish
  • compatibel to Windows 7
This is a royalty-bound software tool. You purchase a license to use the software on a PC. After installing the software, please tell us the PC ID (under tab available) and we will create a license for you. The PC ID identifies your PC and uniquely created from the license is tied to that PC. If another installing the software needed on another PC, another paid license must be purchased.
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