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Antenna cable LowLoss 10m SMA(f)/SMA(m)

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Weight: 0,4 kg per piece
Assembled shielded antenna extension cable for the connection between GSM / GPRS Terminal and GSM / UMTS antenna.
Cable type: Low Loss 
Lenght: 10m 
Plugs: SMA(f)/SMA(m)

Innenleiter/ Inner conductor: 7x0,49 Litze (1,40)
Material: Kupfer blank
Isolation d(mm): 3,9 Schaum
Außenleiter/ Outer conductor: Al-Folie und Cu-Geflecht verzinnt
Mantel d(mm)/ Coat: 5,60 PVC
Wellenwiderstand/ Characteristic impedance: 50+-2
Verkürzungsfaktor/ Velocity factor: 0,82
Kapazität/ Capacitance (pF/m): 81
Biegeradius Minimum/ Minimum bending radius  (mm): 30
Dämpfung/ Damping:
100 MHz: 10,0
145 MHz: 11,8
432 MHz: 19,0
1000 MHz: 30,3
1300 MHz: 37,2
1800 MHz: 41,0
2320 MHz: 51,2
Other lengths on request.
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