Welcome at m2mtec Germany

m2mtec Germany is a leading distributor of data communication in the field of Machine-to-Machine (M2M). As an official distributor and partner of the world's leading manufacturer of terminals m2m modules and we can deliver the right components for your m2m project. Our project team will accompany you throughout the entire development process, from the initial idea through to roll-out to your customers.

What you can expect from us

  • Most comprehensive product portfolio of well-known manufacturers m2m
  • Technical advice, experience and expertise
  • Project support from concept to roll-out with test positions
  • Special Projects, Software Development and Certification
  • Framework agreements, Best Offers, customizing and roll-out

Our offer is aimed exclusively to business companies, tradesmen, professionals and associations (in the context of their economic activity) - also authorities, schools and universities. Sale and delivery to end-users is not possible.


Our advice

CG420 Terminal (LAN)
219,00 EUR
Shippingtime: 1 Week