Payment conditions

Orders will be delivered worldwide, if possible according to custom and exportation laws. Possible payment methods and shipping options vary depending on the destination country and may be requested here.
Shipping modalities, export regulations, upper limits for commodity values and so on depend on the respective country and should be consulted with us beforehand. We reserve the right to deny exportation of the order in case of legal export regulations requiring so. Please note that imported goods in your country may have to be declared.
Deliveries into the states of the European Union will be exported including the German turnover tax. In case you have a VAT-Id.No., we may deliver free of turnover tax. Deliveries to countries outside EU are free of turnover tax.


Payment In Advance

In the case of payment in advance you transfer the invoice value to our account in advance. The necessary transfer details will be forwarded with the confirmation of order. If on stock, the ordered items will be prepared for shipping after receipt of the money per transfer. In case the delivery will not be possible within short term, on request the already transferred amount shall be refunded.


Cash On Delivery (only for German Customer)

Cash on delivery is one of the most common payment methods in the shipping business and a payment without further formalities and without leaving your personal data (i.e. account number or date of birth). Since we cover part of the actual C.O.D. costs a minimum order value of 50.00 EUR is required. Additionally to our calculated shipping costs the deliverer raises a fee (GLS German Parcel 2.50 EUR) and makes out a deperate receipt on request.



The fast, secure way to send and receive money. For businesses, it is a system you can use to get paid electronically, in a number of different currencies, without waiting for cheques to arrive and clear. For customers, its a faster, safer and more convenient way to pay for goods – because they dont have to re-enter financial information every time they buy. They pay from their PayPal account (which is free for them to set up) which PayPal then refills by drawing on their credit card, debit card or bank account. In this way the customer can pay quickly and easily without disclosing financial information. Customers find it easy to pay, you find it easy to take payment. No wonder people prefer using PayPal.



Major enterprises and corporations will be supplied immediately per invoice. Please forward your first order with us per fax to +49 (0) 341-2178749. Authorities, public institutions, establishments and corporations subject to public law will be supplied immediately per invoice. Please forward your first order with us per fax to +49 341 2178749 or send the order confirmation of the online order after being assented and signed per fax to us.